CNN and Sesame Street

The world is an increasingly bizarre, upside-down nonsensical place right now, or so it seems to me… While a college dropout who is not a doctor, epidemiologist, or health expert of any kind tours the country insisting everyone follow his instructions,1 the Washington Post is scolding some of America’s most respected doctors, reporting they have […]

In the Wild

Who Decides…?

I could have saved thousands — if only I’d been able to convince them they were slaves. Harriet Tubman (disputed) The following is a candid, honest, and courageous statement, with which I believe many can relate: In order to give this gentleman any credibility it would require me to believe his claim (or even just […]



Ironically, not much separates the Amanda Marcottes and Jeb Lunds of the political ecosphere, in the ostensible divide between them and those like the Donald J. Trumps, Edward Gallaghers – and Hallmark Channel viewers – whom they would seek to demonize.