Gathered, Pressed, Funneled

[Identity Funnel: Structure for acceptance of Neoliberal policy documents. Source: Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick]1

So the angel swung his sickle to the earth and gathered [the clusters from] the vine of the earth, and threw them into the great wine press of the wrath of God. And the wine press was trodden outside the city, and blood came out from the wine press, up to the horses’ bridles, for a distance of two hundred miles.

Revelation 14:19–20 [NASB]

Are you feeling pressed these days? That’s no accident or coincidence, it is intentional, and very much by design. Civilization is currently being gathered into and pressed through an ‘Identity Funnel,’1 of sorts, in a manner of speaking.

Copernican Revolution

We are witnessing the “Copernican overturning,” a concept from antiquity, modernized and re-introduced by Oswald Spengler in The Decline of the West (1918 (Vol.I); 1922 (Vol.II); 1923 (definitive edition of both volumes)).2

According to Spengler, the Western world is ending and we are witnessing the last season—“winter time”—of Faustian Civilization. In Spengler’s depiction, Western Man is a proud but tragic figure because, while he strives and creates, he secretly knows the actual goal will never be reached.


Scholars now agree that the word “decline” more accurately renders the intended meaning of Spengler’s original German word “Untergang” (often translated as the more emphatic “downfall”; “Unter” being “under” and “gang” being “going”, it is also accurately rendered in English as the “going under” of the West). Spengler explained that he did not mean to describe a catastrophic occurrence, but rather a protracted fall—a twilight or sunset (Sonnenuntergang is German for sunset, and Abendland, his word for the West, literally means the “evening land”).

Institute for Social Research (ISR) / Frankfurt School cultural Marxist subversive, Theodor W. Adorno offered a politically expedient reductivist (reductio ad errorem) reinterpretation of Spengler’s Decline:2

As a member of the Frankfurt School of Marxist critical theory, Adorno’s professed project in this essay was to “turn (Spengler’s) reactionary ideas toward progressive [luciferian / satanic] ends.” Thus Adorno conceded that Spengler’s insights were often more profound than those of his more liberal contemporaries, and his predictions more far-reaching.

The Nazi Swastika 卐 and its Hindu, Buddhist, Jainist precursor(s) 卍 are a symbolic representation of both; ‘catchers’ turning in one direction, grabbing and drawing people into the funnel, and also the Mighty Wurlitzer turning in the opposite direction, disseminating the seeds of identity culture on the winds, respectively. This ‘funnel’ is one of the main weapons in the arsenal designed to remake the world in the luciferian (satanic) image, a la Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, and the WWIII outline in Pike’s letter to Mazzini, by way of the seductive “All Are Welcome” message – a message which theosophy engenders. The cybernetic probabilists intend that this is both unavoidable and inescapable – i.e. the inevitability and futility of the Borg.

On the wide mouth end of the funnel, you have the ostensible ecumenism and inclusion of theosophy (Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust, Anthroposophy, Swedenborg, Jewish mysticism / Kabbalah / Zohar) appealing to the ‘diversity and inclusivity’ of / by / for all, and on the narrow (winnowing) end of the funnel, you have so-called ‘progressivism’ (Orwellian doublethink, doublespeak; i.e. regression, back to Genesis 11→Genesis 6), neoliberalism, cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, repressive tolerance, social Darwinism, multiculturalism, virtue-signaling, identity politics, reverse racism, reverse discrimination, cultural assimilation, and cultural hegemony – precisely what the Frankfurt School34 sought to engineer via the long march through the institutions. Incidentally, it’s worth noting that since its founding – which directly coincides with the stratospheric rise of the so-called ‘Progressive Era’ – the theosophically oriented Lucis Trust has remained very interested with the interplay of ‘conservatives and progressives’.6 To understand the theosophical bent (which I do not advise, but if one so chooses) I highly encourage reading the brief essay titled Theosophy: A Brief Introduction.

The ‘squeezing and pressing down’ mentioned by the late great Jack Otto, is the process by which society is being pressed through that funnel, to reshape and remake everyone and everything in the devil’s image. The ‘cudgel of objectivity and neutrality’ Andrew Breitbart described, wielded by the mainstream press, is one of the primary tools by which the relentless agenda to beat the sheep into submission, obedience, and compliance is accomplished.

In the final analysis, one realizes none of this cyclical history is by accident. It is, in fact, very much by design, itself a multi-faceted issue and discussion, beyond this scope. But, acknowledging this, one is not surprised to observe the rhymes of history.

Thus we find two great economic principles opposed to each other in the modern world. The Viking has become a free-tradesman; the Teutonic knight is now an administrative official. There can be no reconciliation. Each of these principles is proclaimed by a German people, Faustian men par excellence. Neither can accept a restriction of its will, and neither can be satisfied until the whole world has succumbed to its particular idea. This being the case, war will be waged until one side gains final victory. Is world economy to be worldwide exploitation, or worldwide organization? Are the Caesars of the coming empire to be billionaires or universal administrators? Shall the population of the earth, so long as this empire of Faustian civilization holds together, be subjected to cartels and trusts, or to men such as those envisioned in the closing pages of Goethe’s Faust, Part II? Truly, the destiny of the world is at stake. …

Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism (1919)7


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