CNN and Sesame Street

The world is an increasingly bizarre, upside-down nonsensical place right now, or so it seems to me… While a college dropout who is not a doctor, epidemiologist, or health expert of any kind tours the country insisting everyone follow his instructions,1 the Washington Post is scolding some of America’s most respected doctors, reporting they have […]


Perfectionism is killing us

More people than ever say they’re feeling pressured to look and be the best. It’s taking a toll. So writes Christie Aschwanden in her recent Vox article. Once an issue that affected a select few, perfectionism is now a growing cultural phenomenon, fueled by modern parenting and social media and an increasingly competitive economy, researchers […]



It’s becoming more and more self-evident; the warnings of history, and the watchmen like Alan Watt and Chuck Missler who have sounded the alarm of clear and present danger, were never more prescient, and via the cybernetic technocratic communitarian way, we’ll all become hopelessly enslaved… en route to the the ash heap of history…