CNN and Sesame Street

The world is an increasingly bizarre, upside-down nonsensical place right now, or so it seems to me… While a college dropout who is not a doctor, epidemiologist, or health expert of any kind tours the country insisting everyone follow his instructions,1 the Washington Post is scolding some of America’s most respected doctors, reporting they have no business talking about coronavirus.2

For those hapless, unwitting folks who haven’t a clue how to manage their own lives – or children – never fear, CNN is here! It seems nanny state actors are always ready and waiting in the wings to help ‘guide’ (research cybernetics aka ‘steersmanship’) those all too willing to surrender themselves to people whom they’ve never met. I often wonder; how can someone I’ve never met truly have my best interests at heart, when they don’t even know me…?


Who Knows Only His Own Generation Remains Always a Child.

George Norlin, inspired by Cicero

History has a [not-so-]funny way of exacting poetic justice on those who cannot remember the past. We’ve all but lost the WWII generation, what Tom Brokaw described as the Greatest Generation, and I tend to share those sentiments. We have many books as reminders, including; Ordinary Men, It Can’t Happen Here, They Thought They Were Free, and so on. We also have many lessons from them, retentiveness permitting, such as:

  • Communism / Socialism / Fascism: bad.
  • Statist monopoly, and tyrannical, dictatorial, authoritarian regimes: bad.
  • ‘Virtue, morality, and religion’: good.
  • Freedom – of thought, speech, expression, etc. – expressed in a healthy, respectful manner: good.

Among those lessons was to maintain a healthy skepticism of propaganda – a corollary, I believe, to Andrew Jackson’s admonition of eternal vigilance – and rightfully so, since its diabolical misuse was made particularly legendary and incredibly effective in Nazi propaganda. The Fabian Society, Frankfurt School cultural Marxists, and others have been busy helping us forget the lessons of the past, and I wonder; would we recognize diabolical misuse were it to arise?

In The Road to Serfdom, chapter 10. Why the Worst Get on Top, Friedrich Hayek tips the sacred cow that dictators create totalitarian regimes, and magnificently details the phenomenon that actually gives rise to dictators. In a podcast with Jocko Willink, Jordan Peterson offered some brilliant insight on How a Totalitarian State is Actually Formed.
Spoiler Alert: it’s not how most people would ever guess, and both victim and culprit often share the same mirror.

Among those essential lessons of WWII history is the fact that the ruthless and cunning are patient, if nothing else, and always have an eye on the children. After all, why fight to change people’s minds when you can simply get ’em when they’re young? From The Unseen Hand (1985) by Ralph Epperson, chapter 36. Education:

Even Hitler of the National Socialist Party in Germany sensed the importance of education. In a speech delivered in 1939, he proclaimed: “When an opponent declares: ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’“3

As an aside; as John D. Rockefeller propagandist, Ivy Lee intimated,45 and as Antony Sutton detailed, the buck didn’t stop with Hitler. But that’s another story…

CNN and Sesame Street

CNN is promoting another town hall. The obvious oxymoronic fallacy of a CNN sound stage – or Zoom / Skype conference “Global Town Hall” – as a ‘town hall’ notwithstanding, I wonder who if anyone falls for this? Some clearly must, because CNN has continued this series. Perhaps I’m obtuse, but to me it seems dubious and awfully arrogant for CNN – a known propaganda outlet – to be calling anything it produces a ‘town hall’, as though we all in our various towns and communities have somehow agreed to meet, let alone to this propaganda. Very sneaky, CNN… But then, that’s precisely how “a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert” works, isn’t it…? I digress…

Here’s what CNN is actually touting; visit, which redirects to Parenting – CNN, which features a series of ‘articles’ (i.e. propaganda) including a link to:

  • CNN and Sesame Street will host a special coronavirus town hall for kids and parents on Saturday morning

    (CNN) – is partnering with Sesame Street for a special town hall Saturday [April 25] at 9 a.m. ET about coronavirus, focused on kids and parents.

    “The ABC’s of Covid 19: A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Kids and Parents” will tackle issues including education, anxiety, screen time and playdates.

    The 90-minute town hall will feature experts and Sesame Street characters – including Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Rosita and Grover – answering questions submitted by families.

    Big Bird will join CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN anchor and national correspondent Erica Hill to moderate the event.

    How to watch: The town hall will air on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español. It will stream live on’s homepage and across mobile devices via CNN’s apps, without requiring a cable log-in. You can also watch on CNNgo, and subscribers to cable/satellite systems can watch it on-demand.

    Parents can send in their questions below, along with their full names and phone numbers.

So here to the rescue once again, to save us from our confused uniformed selves is CNN, and political props Sanjay Gupta and Sesame Street characters including Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Rosita, and Grover. But don’t worry, it’s completely harmless, and there is no nefarious ulterior motive at work here – and how dare I imply anything otherwise.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want or need parenting (or any other) advice from CNN, and I think it’s creepy and weird to even air such a broadcast, not to mention invite parents to send “their full names and phone numbers.” What on earth for? And where does that information go / reside / stay? Would you say CNN terms are any indication, or provide any clarity on the matter?

By submitting your story, including your name, and any other personal information (“Story”) you agree that your Story may be used, published and distributed by CNN, its affiliates and licensees worldwide on all media and platforms for editorial purposes without any limitation in time in accordance with CNN’s terms of service. You also agree that we may use any personal contact information you provide to contact you about your Story and that we will use such personal contact information in accordance with our privacy policy located at

For years, schools have been pushing this kind of creepy invasive agenda, asking children at the beginning of and throughout each school year to essentially spy and tattletale on their parents on behalf of the nanny state, especially if the children feel their parents aren’t playing licentious Santa Claus to a child’s satisfaction. Not to be outdone, CNN offers:

What are your children asking you about coronavirus? Do you have questions about parenting during the pandemic?

CNN is teaming up with Sesame Street for a special town hall Saturday morning at 9 a.m. ET called The ABC’s of Covid 19: A CNN / Sesame Street Town Hall for Kids and Parents. Experts will be joined by characters from Sesame Street to tackle your family’s questions. Submit them here along with your name and contact information.

CNN / Sesame Street Town Hall for Kids and Parents
CNN / Sesame Street Town Hall for Kids and Parents

I think an obvious question is: what does CNN want with parents’ “full names and phone numbers?” Perhaps another obvious question is; are Sesame Street aged children really that interested in COVID-19, let alone what CNN has to say about it? Or how about; should parents really subject their children to any further trauma than what they’ve already undoubtedly experienced in this mess? I realize many are probably not ready or willing to confront the possibility of such a monstrous conspiracy. But with the lessons of history in mind, again I wonder; would we recognize diabolical misuse were it to arise?

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