Gathered, Pressed, Funneled

Are you feeling pressed these days? That’s no accident or coincidence. It is intentional, and very much by design. Civilization is being gathered, pressed, and funneled…



“Cultural Marxism” – what does that mean? What exactly is it? Is it a ‘conspiracy theory’ as Wikipedia purports, or is there more to this story? Seeking to make sense of what has happened to American culture since the mid-twentieth century, today we explore the subject of cultural Marxism.

In the Wild

Happy New Year!

Last year (2019) was a crazy year for many – and crazier and more overwhelming and exhausting than I think most would likely admit, even and especially to themselves. My hope is, as we head into the ‘roaring twenties’ of this new millennium, that this year will be ‘better’. That is, that we’ll all feel […]

Fox Tails

The Sound
[ Influence ]
of Music

“While listeners might be worried about playing emotional or overtly erotic music on speakers others can hear, they might not worry as much when they are listening via headphones. …” — How headphones are changing music – Quartz