In the Wild

Erickson & Massihi Interview: Thoughts

What a whirlwind, eh…? Every hour, a year seems to pass – or at least, it feels like we’re inundated, buried under a year’s worth of ‘zone-flooding’… Not to mention; I’ve repeatedly tried, for all interested, to address the provocative question; “Chris, who do you think is responsible…” And rather than engage there, we’re repeatedly […]

Fox Tails

As In Africa, So In America…

America, do you understand the history and nature of the so-called pharmaceutical industry? If so, why do you permit the existence of and obscene profit-making by companies whose ‘side effects may include death’? Careful America, with the COVID-19 nonsense, you’re headed for the Africa treatment by the HIV/AIDS cartel (Big Pharma, Birx, Fauci, Gates, Redfield, […]


Watch This

COVID-19 – be afraid, be very afraid! At least, that’s the message we’re receiving, right? If we’re all sensing the same message, then is there perhaps a reason behind that continuity? Whether you; think you know exactly what’s behind this, believe absolutely everything you see on television, or are somewhere in the middle and sense something’s not quite right but aren’t sure exactly what, you must watch this video.



Today the world mourns legendary NBA star, 41-yr old Kobe Bryant, his 13-yr old daughter, Gianna and seven others dead in ‘freak accident’ helicopter crash yesterday.