We are witnessing a worldwide repeat of history, in plain sight, of epic proportions. The present surreptitious crisis and upcoming ‘Dark Winter’ is intended to usher in the ‘Great Reset’ / ‘Future Reset,’ new Bretton Woods / Marshall Plan, a la a Business Plot styled extra-military junta (i.e. a fascist coup) set to commence on […]

In the Wild

Not A Shot Fired

If we can believe anything in this charade,12345678 independent expert-led studies910 now conclusively show that there are “50-85-fold more than the number of confirmed cases” the CDC / JHU data shows, and this thing, whatever it is or is not, is correspondingly 50-85x less lethal than alleged. On average, that would mean the alleged (inflated) […]


Watch This

COVID-19 – be afraid, be very afraid! At least, that’s the message we’re receiving, right? If we’re all sensing the same message, then is there perhaps a reason behind that continuity? Whether you; think you know exactly what’s behind this, believe absolutely everything you see on television, or are somewhere in the middle and sense something’s not quite right but aren’t sure exactly what, you must watch this video.