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Erickson & Massihi Interview: Thoughts

What a whirlwind, eh…? Every hour, a year seems to pass – or at least, it feels like we’re inundated, buried under a year’s worth of ‘zone-flooding’… Not to mention; I’ve repeatedly tried, for all interested, to address the provocative question; “Chris, who do you think is responsible…” And rather than engage there, we’re repeatedly dragged off to superfluous matters… I digress…

I haven’t (in my mind) lost track of your insightful reflections on the ‘ER Doctor’s video’. So much seems to happen, I can’t even write an email before things have changed yet again. From YouTube scrubbing the local news copies of the videos – and every other copy – to Laura Ingraham having them on ‘exclusively’, to Tucker Carlson talking about them repeatedly – not to mention the local coverage – it’s been busy, to say the least, as you know…

I’m very interested to know if your assessment still stands. As previously mentioned, I was skeptical too, but not to the extent Brian Young (High Impact Flix) expressed. However, I still feel I (all who feel the draconian measures were entirely unwarranted, and beyond authority) stand COVI-ndicated. My assessment at this point, simply stated is; I believe Erickson & Massihi are on the level, and are not COINTELPRO styled plants, props, etc. Admittedly though, I’m always first skeptical when anything garners – and receives that attention.

I am acutely aware of how difficult it is to gain any attention or reception, especially with that kind of a message. However, my spidey senses did tingle when I found this. I always feel like the suborn / conscript / COINTELPRO element is lurking and looming whenever we’re “allowed” to see anything that gives the appearance of challenging the Establishment narrative – case in point: David Icke’s latest Gaia / YouTube commercial… Which reminds me of incidents like this and this, for instance… Again, I digress…

That notwithstanding, I still believe based on the early (i.e. pre-April 22 press conference) interviews with Dan Erickson, that basically he / they were establishment, party-line type guys who fell into something much bigger than he / they realized. I believe the videos being aggressively scrubbed from / by YouTube is not a political stunt (i.e. not directly, though with that cadre, ‘political indirection’ is always in view – never wasting an opportunity of crisis / chaos)… Examples:

This one’s a big one for me (i.e. bolstering my thoughts) because Erickson commends Trump’s travel ban:

“I have to say, President Trump did an amazing job of stopping travel early. He got tons of heat for that, and for me, I applaud that because before – he had the foresight to look and say, ‘Let’s stop this before it gets out of hand.’“

Immediately following, he also mentions, ‘get seen’. To me, this says he was party-line, and had no ulterior motive.

Same thing here. He only speaks to exactly what’s been outlined by the WHCTF, and AUC’s role in helping to achieve the presumed directives.

“Kern County doctors explain the facts about the coronavirus.” Including Dr. Dan Erickson. Everyone, including Erickson is very party-line in this 30-minute interview.

Again, same thing. No politics, no agenda, just establishment party-line, and the business and logistics of what they do, processes, and other parties / organizations involved in order to serve the community.

Again, he speaks to both the vaccine issue, and nuances of the numbers (data) but it sounds more like common sense than him being married to an issue or agenda. He does talk about large scale testing at the end, but I still believe that’s more because he’s walking a fine line than pushing / following an agenda. Incidentally, I wonder what the results were / are of his meeting with the “twelve senators and their chiefs of staff” earlier this week on Tuesday… (My reticent thought: conscription / subsumed…? Did the Kissinger contingent make him an offer he couldn’t refuse…?)

In essence, my thoughts boil down to this; no politics, no agenda, just common sense. Therefore, if he / they (Erickson / Massihi) speak out: cui bono? I hope this is the case. And in any case, I hope America catches that virus, the brush fires of freedom mind virus…

KERO 23 ABC News Additional Coverage (their website)

“Dr. George Rutherford of UCSF disagrees with that saying that the mortality rate of COVID-19 could end up being 30 times worse than the flu.”

“Could end up being…”??? And not backed by any data (in the article). Doesn’t sound well-reasoned or medically sound, IMHO.

“‘It’s not scientifically sound to take one population from one county, extract the data and try to make a claim about the national picture or even the rest of the states very different populations,’ Dr. Patel says.”

That’s not what Erickson did. That’s a misrepresentation, taking his remarks out of context. He was merely testing a hypothesis. He’s been careful every time I’ve listened to him, to be clear that there is no broad brush approach to this data.

“Dr. Rutherford says we need to learn from history. In 1918 San Francisco reopened early after the Spanish Flu and an additional 3,000 people died.”

As I understand it – and admittedly, I am no expert – looking at the 1918 epidemic, it appears the same sorts of ‘lockdown’ measures contributed to the more virulent subsequent waves, when as Prof. Wittkowski and others – including Dr. Erickson, for that matter – have maintained, it would’ve been more sensible to simply let this run its course quickly through society – as we always do / have – in order to achieve herd immunity ASAP, and thereby not endanger grandma, infants, or kittens.

“Other emergency physician’s like Palm Springs M.D. Lawrence Heiskell support Erickson’s view that people with compromised immune systems should be quarantining, but healthy people should not.

“‘Quarantine by definition is to sequester people who are sick. You don’t quarantine well people. You let them be exposed in the general public so they can acquire immunity.’

“Erickson says he has scheduled meetings with various California senators to discuss his data and beliefs on Tuesday.”