Obsession Gate

Democrats can’t stop obsessing, and it makes one wonder; what’s really on their minds? I remember Andrew Breitbart describing the situation with Anthony Weiner as seemingly innocuous initially, only to discover there was a great deal more to the Freudian story. I wonder if the same wouldn’t be found to be true in this case – after all, Weiner was a congressional aide to feckless hack, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) from 1985–1991.

Although Schumer wasn’t the first to make this high profile gaffe – I believe that credit goes to CNN’s Anderson Cooper – Schumer’s is nonetheless the far more provocative and memorable instance, as the newly minted (two days) Senate Majority Leader committed his transgression during an historic, pivotal, sober moment on the Senate floor.

It might be a humorous illustration of Schumer’s categorical pompous incompetence, if the context weren’t so dire and arresting. The unconscionable ‘drive-by impeachment’ precedent already set by the House last week can only be further aggravated an equivalent farce in the Senate. Ultimately, this has the end result of making a mockery of American tradition, jurisprudence, and even government itself.

As one final offering, I believe this kangaroo court proceeding is entirely designed, and intended by some to be a show trial that will deflect all attention from the World Economic Forum’s 51st meeting (January 25–25, 2021) where Dr. Evil, Klaus Schwab and fellow globalist NWO acolytes expect to fully unveil the so-called “Great Reset” to ostensibly ‘fix’ what (economy et al) they broke – oh yeah, and COVID… that pandemic thing, too… which Plan was announced to the world back in June, 2020. I can hardly wait…

So, with all that, and without further ado, here are a few notable entries regarding …GATE…