Fox Tails

Do You See What I See…?

I see a pattern… As ‘woke’ Establishment presstitutes continue their tone deaf fawning,123456 the body politic remains visibly unimpressed… How long until the Google overlords sweep in and, ahem… ‘correct’ these algorithmic mishaps…? After all, remember, Eric Schmidt said7 there should be only one answer… and the “Selfish Ledger”8 will tell you what it is…

UPDATE: As of this post, the ‘thumbs up/down’ have already been ‘massaged’ on the 01/20/21: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki from 7.1K/34K to 7.2K/31K, respectively… So, riddle me this, Batman… How does the ‘dislikes’ counter drop – by 3K…?? I guess 3,000 people decided they changed their minds… Or…? You decide…


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