Heart of a Shepherd

[Image credit: Daystar]

This morning, I happened upon Dr. Harold E. Salem and the Christian Worship Hour, headquartered in Aberdeen, SD and I began to wonder almost immediately; how have I not heard about or known of this man and his ministry for all these years? Now, I just wish I could find the episode I only caught in part. It appears to have been Season #2020, Ep. 2 Sunday 01/12/20 11:30A ET on The Cowboy Channel. For now, I guess I’ll keep looking…

In the meantime, as the documentary, Heart Of A Shepherd aptly claims, pastor Salem truly has led an extraordinary life, one uniquely marked by service to God, and his fellow man. His sermons are available on Vimeo, and for those interested in reading more about him, here are two ‘recent’ articles from the local Aberdeen News:

And here’s the trailer for Heart of a Shepherd: The Extraordinary Life of Harold E. Salem: