Inauguration Day


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My Take On Today’s Inauguration

Empty rhetoric, hollow slogans, and celebrity performance art by Garth Brooks, Jenny from the Block, and Marina Abramović’s ‘hardcore student’ and Abramovic Method practitioner, Lady Gaga; that’s how I would describe today’s Presidential Inauguration. The nagging question is; how long until the Biden – Harris Inauguration transitions to its next revolutionary wave putsch, and moves to ‘unperson’ Sleepy Creepy Joe, in Stalinist forced disappearance fashion, as was recently sought with outgoing President, Donald J. Trump – and all political opposition, for that matter? In a word; ‘eery’ – or perhaps, ‘ominous’.

Marxist socialists chanting ‘democracy’ – eery – insulated by the ‘smart power’ projection of 6,200 15,000 20,000 25,000 National Guard troops – ominous – who’ve been ‘vetted by the FBI’ – the same FBI (i.e. leadership) we’ve once again come to know we cannot trust – for their allegiance to the Establishment power faction, not the Constitution they swore to “support and defend,” or their fellow Americans – foreboding – and a motorcade hundreds long, proceeding through Washington D.C., the District of Criminals Super-villains, with only the projection of military force and razor wire on display. An Orwellian visual that would leave Stalin and Mao envious, if ever there was one. The Alinskyite Weather Underground junta has recaptured the White House. Andrew Breitbart, where are you when we need you?

If that’s not bad enough, then there’s next week’s 51st World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting and Davos Agenda (January 25-29, 2021) where Dr. Evil, Klaus Schwab and his globalist New World Order pals intend to fully unveil to the world their so-called “Great Reset” – which Biden-Harris fully and openly endorses, even borrowing their ‘Build Back Better’ slogan – to ‘reimagine’ and ostensibly ‘fix’ what (economy et al) they broke – which, by the way, was always intended to break, just ask Keynes himself. What could possibly go wrong? I can’t help but have a deep sense of foreboding.

POTUS 46: Biden-Harris Inauguration