Fox Tails

Trump and FDR

Photo Illustration by Emil Lendof/The Daily Beast

Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Pearl Harbor, WWII; the “Brain Trust”, Staurt Chase, the New Deal and The Road We Are Traveling; Louis Howe, FDR’s “alter and wiser ego,” and the Forgotten man; Smedley Butler, and the so-called Business Plot123

Donald J. Trump; election hijinks, COVID-19; Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Number Games, Klaus Schwab, The World Economic Forum and its Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset; #NewDealForNature, and #Agenda21

I’ve been retracing history in my mind a lot lately, and I can’t help feeling more and more like everything we’ve witnessed in the past 150 years has been entirely scripted, orchestrated, managed, and engineered… And what little didn’t fit neatly into the tightly scripted narrative was snuffed out, and then reconstituted as narrative fodder… Which, incidentally is why I often say Calvin wasn’t a Calvinist,45678 Luther wasn’t a Lutheran, Hegel didn’t coin the dialectic triad, and so on…

More than simply a comparative analysis, or portrait of either (Trump or FDR) this is rather a collection of ‘dots’ for contemporary perusal, and also perhaps for historical reference, context, and relevance – past, present, and even future. Here is a provocative little patchwork of ‘fox tails’…